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The most fun and personally satisfying part of the Kyusho course in Taipei, Taiwan this past weekend, was not in showing people how to protect themselves, the tavctics involved or the methods to cripple an opponent.

No it was after the course officially ended, (which never does until asleep in the hotel room), in which a man named Fox (sp?), asked a question he had since last years course.

We had worked on decalcifying or awakening the pineal gland, (shut down in most adults and teens from unnatural sources like computers, phones and all electrical currents and chemicals we are now bombarded with).

He had taken the simple exercise and practiced it daily for the year faithfully, (can you imagine that dedication or focus in today's society)?

Anyway his question was; what he was to have accomplished health wise from the exercise. In returned I asked him if he had gained in awareness and or mental acuity, his reply was yes. That was the goal as he worked to open this gland many call the internal third eye.

That affirmation was followed by a smile and visible shift in persona or pride if you will. That alone was a great feeling for me personally as well as an individual had gained from something that was passed on to him.

Of course he then asked what to do next, which naturally was given.

Now the others also heard how to take the next step as well, but may not realize the success that Fox will due to his commitment and dedication in developing the foundation with complete focus.

There are many distractions in life that try the patience and commitment of us all. If we can get past this and develop a purpose steadfastly held in spite of infinite distraction, undeterred... Success is inevitable.

I am already anxious to get back in a year to hear of his new adventures and attribute attainment in his internal journey.

Helping people find empowerment and new possibility within themselves, then in turn they helping others has been my goal in the arts for forty years. I hope it can continue another forty. With people and successes like this, it too is inevitable.





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