cellphone_emf_protectionElectro Magnetic Frequency (Field)

An increasingly alarmed army of international scientists have reached a controversial conclusion:

There is an "electrosmog" that began developing with the roll out of the electrical grid a century ago and now envelops every individual and is responsible for many of the diseases that afflict us.

During the past century, we have methodically over saturated the electromagnetic spectrum far beyond normal levels in nature.

Recently, many developments have highlighted the growing hazards of EMF pollution and the crucial need to address them and their affects.

In 2007, the Bioinitiative Working Group released their study that detailed the toxic effects of EMFs from all sources with exposure to even the lower-level radiation (like that from cell phones), causing a variety of cancers, impair immune systems, contribute to Alzheimer's disease, dementia, heart disease, and many other ailments.

In fact a recent study from Sweden suggested that if you started using a cell phone as a teen, you have a 5 times greater risk of brain cancer than those who started as an adult.

Exposure to "Dirty Electricity", (very-low-frequency voltage signals 1-100kHz), can greatly increase your risk of several types of cancer from melanoma to uterine. These signals are emitted mostly by electronics, such as modern energy-efficient appliances, televisions, stereos and other entertainment devices.  The lower voltages in these products use manipulation of electrical current, which in turn creates a more complex electromagnetic field.

"For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment — an electromagnetic soup — that essentially overlaps the human nervous system," says Michael Persinger, PhD, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University who has studied the effects of EMFs on cancer cells.

These also develop positive charged ions, that have been demonstrated to have a unhealthy influence and or disruption of physiological functionality from over exposure and time.  A positive ion is typically a carbon dioxide molecule that has lost an electron, or it was stripped away.

Your lungs and respiratory tract are particularly sucesptable, along with your immune system, as positive ions are so small they are absorbed directly into your bloodstream from the air you breathe. This has been claimed as a contributing factor for asthma and depression as they leave us feeling tired and tense as they raise anxiety and irratabilty, which can and does lead to depression.

Positive ions occur in nature several ways, as example by high winds, dust, humidity or pollution. They are also at their highest just before an electrical storm and why so many people feel the tension and anxiouness before a storm. Other influences in your home or office are generated by fluorescent lighting and electrical equipment such as televisions or clothes dryers. Women’s hair dryers are particularly strong source as well as are air-conditioning systems and computer equipment. All are striong positive ion generators that have our modern-day homes and workplaces have also become chronic generators of potentially harmful positive ions.

These combined with vibrations or frequencies emitted by the electrical currents in turn can produce electromagnetic fields around and through us,more than normal or healthy.

When we go about our electronic day, we are bombarded by vibrating electricity, infrared, fluorescent lights, wi-fi, microwaves, radiation, UV and vibrational monitor screen interruption in our normal physiological function.  It is no wonder dis-ease (diseases) are in the rise manifesting in horrid ways such as; brain and body rumors, cancers and other nuero based issues like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

As we over stimulate the sensory (nerve) systems, the constant overload can wear down the Myelin protection of the nerves.  It also can damage the mitochondria or basic cell rejuvenation of the body.  These low energy electrical currents alter our natural interplay with the atmosphere as well as our own internal neuro-transmissions, that can begin a cascading affect in all areas, organs, muscles and or functions of the body.  The vital need therefore is a method or way to disperse the damaging positive ionic onslaught to our systems.



We Can Help You:


We can help you reduce and calm the agitated nervous system by first evaluating and relaxing the bodies electrical systems as we trigger the body to re-balance the natural pattern/s.  This is done with a stepped and systematic nerve pattern analysis and simultaneous counter stimulation process that removes dysfunctional messaging and agitation.  This can be further resolved in subsequent treatment that involves deeper neurological messaging.  Most people realize major differences in one session as the nerves normalize... but here is the caveat, if you go back to the same patterns of the daily regime, the bombardment ensues.

So you are probably thinking then... why bother?  Well first you will have negated many prior years of affects or we offer self maintenance processes as well as further levels of treatment.

Treatment, training or apprentice programs have begun in the greater Boston and Cincinnati areas, with more locations soon. - click here