No Pressure points were harmed (or used) in the making of this film.

Kyusho Enabled

We all realize that Kyusho causes pain, dysfunction and several other affects.

But there are also some specific attacks that Kyusho enables, which will feel like electricity surges through the body either through the peripheral nerves or directly in the spine.

The reason behind this phenomenon is akin to our electricity running through our homes.  The brain is a battery or generator of sorts, with the spine being like the circuit breakers to protect the peripherals and battery from overload and system damage.  So by overloading the brain, the surges are dissipated through the spine... and why you will feel various levels of electrical surge in your spine when you receive these area attacks.

Now these can be used in actual fighting (as training has proven), however these are presented in typical educational process.  Once you can accomplish them, then you begin to integrate them in your training for combative application.

Using these Electrical Strikes tie directly into the nervous system and affect the Brain Waves in particular ways.

In this months Podcast (exclusive to Platinum Subscribers), we demonstrate and describe the electrical polarities as well as the brain waves they affect.

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(if you are a professional trainer... just adding this to your curriculum is a mistake.  If you want coaching on how to best integrate Kyusho in your training contact us we are here to help you and it is our forte).



Kyusho is attacking the inner man, not the shell.



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