Adesanya vs Pereira

As usual, I get email questions and or comments on YouTube on various fights (especially those with Knockouts) or on Kyusho in general. Usually these are answered in a like email or comment, however occasionally I reply with a video such as this one.

From a Subscriber is this question:

In watching the above fight it is difficult to unsee that Adesanye was purposefully aiming to strike Pereira on the ear or the related area.  I think in previous fights with Pereira or perhaps in watching footage of his fights, Israel's Camp noticed Pereira's nerve reaction when struck on the ear.  Israel's genius is in hitting Pereira there again with the right hand instead of punching him elsewhere with his rather obvious left hand.  He must've known that those nerves were lit up and would be even more susceptible to a second strike. 

I think it's the beginning of the end for Pereira. Much like an allergic reaction, once the body responds to a stimulus in a particular way, it remembers it for the next time and responds accordingly.  Pereira might be able to knock-out a couple of contenders yet (because of his tremendous punching power, much like Liddell), but he's going to have a challenging time if he can't protect his ears or somehow unlearn that nerve response.  This might be the era of the "glass ear".

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