Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection - Part 7

As we are using this new sound, we have already discussed how we made the body condense or constrict. As the body constricts into a more fetal position, the ability to perform your trained breakfall isseverly hampserd. The arms and legs do not extend as readily and the body curls,which makes it feel and look to fall faster as well.

The impact on the ground is harsher as the body is not soft or loose, or even responding to the brain signals that are even ingrained. In fact this also surprises the mind as it will not respond correctly, which in turn adds to the incorrect body posture to disapate the body weight over a wider area or footprint.

When executed fully, the sound of the body hitting the ground even changes from a higher pitched slapping sound, into a lower pitch thudding sound. As you watch the demostrations, listen not only to this sound, but what the Uke and even onlookers percieved in real time.

The Sound is...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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