From the Bubishi

In Article 21 of the Bubishi, as well as other pages, books and scrolls, there are drawn human figures in certain Martial postures. In the Bubishi, these postures are given the names of a particular Shichen, in particular for this article and film, the Dragon. Most people read the Bubishi and see the targets, they read the affects, but they do not look at the posture or essence of that posture with enough detail. The postures hold a great deal of obscure communication for the discerning eye (Kyusho Practitioners) that most typical Martial Artists will not grasp.

This "Dragon Posture" is not directly linked to the Shichen Target, however is is more a descriptor for the actions taken to the opponent. In this aspect, the actions of the hands tell the story of how to deploy the both tools in different manners to gain the greatest level of dysfunction on the opponent.

It is also not necessarily the tool or hand position that is the main functional quality. In this representation the hands are held palm down, in other styles they are held palms in or up... all having a different tool associated with it for the action.


As we know Kyusho has been the core of Martial Arts since its origin, however with this posture it becomes evident...


To learn the targets and see the affect in real time, the full films are located at these links:


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