Directed Energy Attack

So few people consider that all Martial Arts are supposed to be internal, by that meaning working toward the dysfunction of the internal systems of the opponent. Instead they think of internal as a movement of internal energy of self... but as we all know, being pre-occupied with self is not what the arts are about. Instead the concept of the opponent,enemy, resistance ect. are the barriers to conquer, so lets look inside the opponent and direct our attacks to that which we wish to dysfunction.

But just before we learn to direct our energy transference, we must know what it is we wish to accomplish. Is it pain or pain compliance, is it muted function, is it complete dysfunction...this is the vital point of directional transference and or trajectory. We have discussed and demonstrated trajectory many times in the past, but as a vital component of Kyusho effectivity, it must be trained consistently. In fact most beginners struggle with Kyusho due to this main principle. They strike a target but only consider that target superficially, like thinking only of self as opposed to the other/s. When they learn Trajectory (please do a search on to gain far more insights into trajectory for success), they become far more effective and efficient and that is the goal.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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