Whoa, that's more serious...

Yes one of the harsher realities of Kyusho is that it makes dislocating joints far easier and efficient a process, it also makes some breaks easier as well.

The reason is that the joints especially are protected by reflexes (see MSC & GTO) that strengthen muscles or relax them to offer more protection against damage.

Working in conjunction with traditional Martial Arts techniques can accomplish the same results, but needing substantially more power. By using Kyusho we are able to weaken the opponent and specific muscle group/s to more efficiently dislocate the joints and or break the skeletal structure.

Many suppose that this is something that they can already accomplish and yes this is probably true, however the massive force needed will not be with you all your life, you need an efficient way in which to accomplish this. It als begs the question do you really know, or do you just fake the action deeming it too dangerous to practice.

Well with Kyusho it is possible to practice (CAUTION HERE... DO IT UNDER QUALIFIED SUPERVISION ONLY), to the point that you feel the separation. This yields realistic expectation of performing it in reality, as if you never felt this you will never know for sure if your technique can actually accomplish what you think.

Well Kyusho.com has taken the guess work out of this exercise with an online film offering with instant accessibiliy on your computer now, go take a look at the free preview, and

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