Why have a discussion forum for Kyusho?

Well you can learn so much abutthe various aspects of it, anatomical structure, locations, best way to use it, etc.

But the real benefit is learning the communication of it as well, this will help you considerably when taking a class or seminar, watching a video or reading a book on the subject, because you understand the terminology more.

Let's face it when we start to learn anything we spend mre time looking up words or terms and cannot grasp the full meaning of the author.  But as we discuss it we begin to assimilate the information to far higher degrees, so when you do train it reflects directly in your skill level and potential.

This new forum is a new start with many different people able to use it as opposed to only a single ideaology... we will all benefit greatly, so we welcome you to join in on the discussions, not merely read them as you miss out on so much.

And please help your fellow Kyusho practitioners by spreading the word so all can benefit equally and in their own language!

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