6 Elbow Attacks - 3 Yang and 3 Yin

This 52 minute full film will be in place of 4 shorter films for the month of January. It is in hopes you will take the time to really study and train it for the value it contains.

Three Yang Attacks are designed to practice the point of the elbow in multi directional application. These use Arm, Head, Body targets and trajectories that train the elbow to a fine tuned additional tool for Kyusho application. However, even if missing the target, this refined tool, penetrates the body more giving far more pain and affect with minimal effort, as opposed to the greater power needed with the typical bludgeoning method. This is accomplished by stabbing application compared to blunt trauma and force. And although it takes getting used to, the learning curve is quick as is the targeting of the anatomical structure.

This project started years ago (2013) with Kyusho in Nai Han Chi, using the elbow actions of the Kata as opposed to the fists.  Then it was adapted to several situations and styles from Uechi/Pangainoon, to Wing Chun, to Kali, and finally the new Art on the Block KFM, otherwise known as the Keysi Fighting Method.

Now this program does not copy any of these styles, instead it uses concepts and actions seen in these styles and places them into a comprehensive training program... with Kyusho added for increased potential. It started as individual techniques to experiment with, then into more spontaneous and dynamic fighting methods, into to a Kyusho hybrid of these styles in a Tegumi Elbow Training Drill.... and further refined into a seminar or instructional program to fit all and encompass all.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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