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Hi Mr Pantazi

Hi Evan sir, Bit off topic, and I know you don't deal with points but anatomy, I've came across a technique in a book which refers to kyusho known as Denko (lightning bolt), could you shed any light on this point or the anatomical structure surrounding it?

Here's a few pictures of the technique in discussion including an unusual
revival for the technique taken from the book. It was just a cheap bit of
light reading I got but this stood out to me and I found it quite an
interesting piece of kyusho, as the organs would be difficult to access
from this position considering there between ribs 7 & 8, and the knee is
quite large for such a small access area. Then as you mentioned on the
video the lightning bolt could refer to a superficial nerve on the surface
giving white crane effects. Keep me posted on any further insight you may
have sir. And thanks for your reply.

Emmett Doyle

Tenth Illustration

Hara Sume Attacking the Stomach
Also known as Do Shime Strangling the Abdomen

Top: Opponent
Bottom: You

Use this technique for the dangerous situation when the opponent had forced himself between your legs. You should grab the villan's Eri (Collar) and, at the same time wrap both your legs around the abdomen of the opponent. With the hard of the back of both knees, pressed into the Kyusho known as Denko (Lightening Bolt), and lock your legs. This will result in the opponent passing out from lack of oxygen.

In order to revive the person you can use the resuscitaion technique shown in the 11th illustration. The position of this vital point is shown in the first illustration.

Left: Victorious Housewife
Right: Assistant
Center: Villan Rendered Unconscious

This artificial respiration technique can be used when the villain or miscreant loses consciousness after having been thrown. Take man's arm as shown in the illustration, then pump the arms up and down. He should soon revive.

If there is a person available to assist, she can press on the unconscious person's abdomen at the same time. Doing this will make the technique much more effective.

Joe Lewis Recounts a Denko Strike on him


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