AliceDown the rabbit hole of Kyusho

As we train Kyusho we get more involved and  deeper into the human anatomy... the deeper we go the deeper we can keep going, which makes the study of Kyusho infinite and also intriguing.

Once you get into the martial work, we are amazed at the common sense and why we did not see or find this sooner.  We get a first glimpse and we are hooked, wanting to know everything and be able to do it instantly.  However we quickly learn that this is not just an easy see and do, it involves effort and dedication to learn... and we want it even more as it eluded us at the onset.  We also realize that so few people know it or can actually do it and that makes it so much more special... we are now addicted and want more.  As we continue to train we gain the skill slowly but surely and it increases our potential exponentially.  We are reading everything we can on the internet, books, magazines and begin telling everyone we can about this incredible art.  We watch videos, attend classes and seminars just to gain one or two more pieces to the puzzle to make our skill and understanding even greater.  We begin to hear about revivals, headaches and other such pain reliefs and restorations and that intrigues us further and a true depiction of the principle of Yin and Yang we thought we already knew.

And the it hits us, the next natural step is with the health aspects, first learning the revivals and then expanding into the First Aid applications and finally into the full interest and course in Health & Wellness.  Many hundreds of people have been able to help many thousands of others with this vital information and definitely no end to the number of people that need pain mitigation and overall health help. Whereas many people did not want you to practice the martial aspects on them, they do want the health aspects.  As you begin to help more and more people, the correlations back into the martial side you first became addicted to, start revealing themselves faster and faster, all of a sudden your martial skills increase exponentially.  SO now you are also addicted to the health side and want more... well when you are slowing down and lightening up on your touch with the health side, you begin to feel the vibrations and attune to them.  You begin to wonder about the energy feeling and there it is your new desire to research and gain skill in energy development and manipulation.

Now studying the Kyusho and how it affects the nervous system and the energy transmissions along those lines, brings in the question of energetics and the subsequent study of energy and all the disciplines involved in it.  This as you may well know is a very diverse and deep hole of knowledge passed down in every culture for multiple thousands of years.  This is far more vast in scope and it also feeds back into the martial study and all other studies... a true Vital Point.  So you research online or in book stores and find to many sources that it gets too confusing.  You may start asking around or fall into a comfort zone with an author or website that sounded more logical and understandable to you.  You pick that source and begin working in that direction... the same process as before with the martial and health aspects hit you and you are now deep int three studies not just the one original that you started with.  Your sensitivity increases as does your awareness in all areas of life and you are enjoying the benefits of all three more and more... this naturally leads to more and more experimentation and the next step avails itself in the area of Intimacy Enhancement.

This next logical step in the progression in Intimacy and how to increase not only your awareness, sensation and pleasure, but how to also share the same with a partner... And the list goes on as we looked into the rabbit hole just like Alice in Wonderland and did we ever find a Wonderland of Life.

But focus is needed to accomplish anything and it is no different with Kyusho... you may think that all of these are separate ideas, methods and goals... but it is one definitive goal, to understand the human anatomy and functionality... on any level.  And after all the same nerves are at the core... that is the vital point.


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