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We often times look at a move from an old form or style and see only the most obvious or largest moves... we do not always see the deeper aspects that are deeper inside.

For this we need deeper thoughts and the keys to unlock those thoughts, as an example think of each physical move in at least two modalities the motion away from the body as well as toward (there are more keys that are possible on each various action, but for simplicity we will use just the two).

Working with what is referred to as an elbow thrust from the movement in Pwang Gai Noon (Uechi) Seisan, we can understand that the forward elbow is highly functional, however this is only a one dimensional application.  But by asking questions perpetually we can dig deeper into the functionality of all:

  • What causes or possibilities lie in the retraction of the hand to lead into that forward elbow action?
  • What could the hand be doing prior to it's retraction into this posture?
  • How can it have aided or set up the elbow attack to be more efficient and effective?

As you go into your next workout, class or form, begin to ask yourself why, on all you do and you will begin to gain more answers.


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    Please feel free to add comments or questions here.

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    It is funny that people will post questions, opinions and information more freely on facebook than they will on a private site. All those questions asked would have been answered here instead of there… but the addiction to facebook is too strong.

    The facebook ad brings you to this page, but instead of asking or discussing it here, they then go back to facebook… I have trouble imagining why other than addiction.

    And if you are more comfortable with another language this page can translate.


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