danger-areaCareful out there folks.

This is a follow-up on a recent post on Dim Mak, no one covered this as the separate and dangerous body of information that it really is, as they believed it was the same as Kyusho or used the acupuncture explanations, but it is very different from what is now practiced as Kyusho.

It was predicted that once we moved toward this idea as an instructional only concept, others would jump on the idea and begin to teach it.  Two things wrong with it, one is health dangers and the other is immature knowledge (which may lead to health dangers).

If they are teaching it as pressure points and or TCM, they have no clue of the reality of the skill... suggestion stay away.  

If they are copying what we researched and apply it without the decades of the  careful medical study and supervision, again stay away... they will be risking your health (not theirs).

Health Issues... this is critical... if you are attending a seminar that is instructing "Dim Mak"... be careful as this is very dangerous, it is not safe like Kyusho practice is.  We have been investigating this privately for 2 decades with medical professionals and scientists we understand the health implications and risks, others do not have that experience or education.  Of course now that we made this more public (with the intent of only illustrating the differences to correct mis-named practices), there are of course those that are now beginning to teach this at seminars.  And there are some that were superficially shown (recently, not fully or sufficiently trained or with enough time to work properly the information, revivals, cautions and medical input) using it only as a monetary gimmick or super special seminar sales pitch.  It should concern you that there are those who will try to convince you differently, so we are simply trying to educate and warn you to research and be aware.  And no matter what they say...this is not safe (it was designed to kill over time, with some implications not appearing immediately):  Attend at your own risk!

Immature Knowledge... this is less critical but important anyway, most people see a new thing and then without proper knowledge and especially experience, they begin to teach it.  This is a rampant problem in the Martial Arts that people must be aware of... even long time practitioners of the arts may not fully know or understand something but believe they can teach it because they have done other arts for a long time... this is ludicrous and as mentioned dangerous.   They have not spent decades working to first understand it or the implications and again the risks or how to correct it.

Dangers... there are several layers of Dim Mak, such as Vascular and Organ based attacks (there are others that will not be disclosed in public).  The basic level of sealing the blood is due to sealing the veins or arteries.  The first issues that may occur is that the blood vessels are damaged leading to hematoma.  This can occur due to fragility of the individuals blood vessels, trauma to them or both.  Blood vessel symptoms are common when there is an alteration to normal blood flow in an artery or vein.  This includes underlying blood vessel conditions, such as atherosclerosis or an aneurysm.  In atherosclerosis, blood vessel symptoms result when plaque builds up in the arteries that carry blood to the head, organs and limbs.  The signs and symptoms of atherosclerosis are not usually apparent until blood flow becomes significantly restricted... so please think before trying this is not an area for quick study or professed skill.

Disclosure...  We released this information for historical comparative and introspection, also working to clarify and maintain integrity for the arts (what is Dim Mak, what is Kyusho, and their relationship to the old styles).  It was also to inform people of the differences, the realities, the risks and also to flush out those that capitalize without understanding the implications or concern about them.  You will now see a host of others claim to be teaching this (it has already started from the blog on this site, to the article in Budo International*, the filming for historical record).   We also stated that this method of self protection is not advised for modern times.  Kyusho is far more efficient and instant, and leaves no permanent damage or health issues as can Dim Mak (which can manifest over time unnoticed).  The practice of Dim Mak is outdated (more will be disclosed in a later post) and even dangerous, it should not be practiced on living beings.  We have curtailed our further participation.

Historical Perspective...  This information was described and demonstrated as stated only as a documentary on the realities as well as the dangers or even the inefficiencies of the method.  It like many archaic medical methods are better left to history rather than trying to work them into a modern lifestyle or society.  Understanding it can help you understand the pitfalls anddangers, but also help you understand what is more efficient, effective and beneficial to your development as well as others.

We are here to help you in your journey as we always have and will continue into the future with cutting edge information and discoveries.... while others attempt to copy or capitalize on a FAD with products, seminars and marketing... we will keep you ahead of the curve with real information based on experience, validation and safety.

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