Vital Points of Jyodan (Upper Row) and Spots to be attacked

Although this is a fainting target as opposed to fatal, it will still have deep health repercussions on the recipient. These affects are not only instantly disabling, but they have long lasting symptoms of vision disorders, nausea, body weakness, fear and anxiety.

We see from Hohan Sokens preferred tools of Ken (fist), Elbow and Knee, that the target requires heavy force to reach the deep actual structure to be attacked. But beyond the mere force and tools, the trajectory of the attack is imperative to gain the physiological affects.

The Danchu Kyusho Target can be used in stand up striking as well as ground fighting with the same physiological and functional incapacitating affects. So in the extended video the both demonstrations have been added, the stand up striking application as well as the ground fighting compression.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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