The Heart of the matter:

Anatomy must rule over conjectured theory to enable the Kyusho practitioner to have more profound effect as well as realistic possibility.

There are very few "Kyusho Instructors" that actually know or understand the anatomy or physiology, they instead teach from a Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) terminology (that again most do not have full understanding of), but they simply repeat from other instructors repeated theories.

This has a deleterious effect on training and skill as it further progresses through the generations of instruction.

The only way to get better at Kyusho is through first understanding what is really happening, what and how it affects the human body and then to relentlessly train this realistic knowledge under realistic and dynamic martial application under stress and urgency.

The old masters knew this and did not use the TCM method of instruction... this was described in greater detail in the post.

There is only one source that consistently and accurately researches, tests, qualifies and then instructs real Kyusho, that is and its affiated instructors.

As example take the illustration at the right, this is an anatomically correct illustration overlayed with a portion of a  TCM point chart (for those that adhere to that paradigm).  The points are not only "not important", but they do not let the user fully understand the full possibility or physiology involved and are not real Kyusho.  To further explain, take the point called CV-17 (TCM)  located on the centerline of the frontal body, this point issued by most Kyusho Instructors as a valid and dangerous target and it may well be depending on the individual or excessive level of concussion needed to make it so.  The explanations are as numerous as there are instructors, ranging from this point will stop energy to the heart to this increases the fire to melt the metal aspects of the body... this helps no one as it has no base in medical science or physiology.  And this is just the beginning of the problem, as there is very little research or testing actually done to justify it, rather they simply pass on what was told to them (and even add embellishment occasionally).   Please bear in mind that if this was actually a Pressure Point as claimed, it would be superficial as the sternum or chest plate (bone tissue), actually protects the anatomically vulnerable target.  So if they claim it is a pressure point, it can not also be a vulnerable anatomical target...if they change to say it is an anatomical target, it cannot be the acupuncture point.  The problem stems from someone seeing a very general and ancient drawing and due to language issues, as well as a lack of actually personal research. Instead, they label it as something they saw as similar or again just passed on from someone else that made the error.

So the problem starts there, but is by no means the end.  Now look at the point more closely, in the illustration provided, as compared to the area (or their point labeled CV-18) just above it.  There you will see a much more vulnerable physiological structure... a group of nerves that are involved with the function of the heart itself... This is fully explained using medical educational devices,taught and physically demonstrated in the film on the Bubishi (  So why do these TCM paradigm instructors always work with CV-17 as compared to the area underlying the CV-18,  it is because they do not understand, nor work with the realities of the human body.   Going further still, their directional attack states that it should be struck straight in toward the spine, but again this is not the best direction, nor will it have the same effect as compared to striking as illustrated in the film.

The problem for the most part is very few people actually take the time to think for themselves... if you are one of them congratulations you are in a 5% percentile of the populace.  Most simply memorize what someone presented without research or critical thinking and then in turn pass it on one step further from the reality.  In fact this is just a small percentage of information on this point, it is hoped that you do the research to better understand this target area on your own, not just relying on what is written here.  We urge you to take the time and effort to learn and fully understand its underlying anatomical as well as physiological aspects, then train it intensively.

Yet another side of this equation is that this illustration, as all of the work we present, will be copied and repeated by those instructors as their own without further research or investigation.  Even this illustration will be illegally taken and presented as the work of another... it is a sad testament to those that steal and claim it their own property, but as it has happened so many times before that this will be no different... watch for it. is the originator of the most accurate Kyusho information, education and processes available, right down to the anatomical graphic (all original work) and the reason you are here.  We welcome you not to just take the information as your own, but to see a new dynamic, a new possibility and to dispel the innumerous dis-information out there.  We also urge you to use it as a stepping stone to your personal research and development so that Kyusho will not only grow, it will grow in a truthful and strengthening way for the future generations., Kyusho International and the author have been original sources over the decades to bring you the most current and actual understanding of Kyusho.  We are proud that no one has been able to duplicate the amount or depth of information in so many formats and accessible mediums, as well as educational and business processes to not only learn the most accurate information, but to train as realistically as well.  Please spread the word so that more may also benefit and understand the underlying truth... this is the"Vital Point".



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