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Better than CV-17?

Excerpt from the Bubishi 36 Points film - Click Here to access the full 3 hours and all 36 targets.

Yes way better.... but not based on TCM, Meridians, Pressure Points or other unrelated aspects, this is real a anatomy lesson.

This is a deeper look at this often mis-named, mis-located and therefore confusing target from the ancient Bubishi.  It has as many names as there are ancient scrolls, we will use the Yagyu Heart Style (Japanese) name "Shore Meeting" as it best depicts what we uncovered as well as depicts what we are seeking to accomplish.  Some school manuals such as Wu-Bei-Zhi (Chinese) and Tenshin-Masaki (Japanese) scroll, name this same location the "Middle of Body" (other schools have this name for a lower target (probably located where the CV-17 acupuncture point is depicted).  Again the name is not as important as the target and the target is not as important as the anatomical structure and functionality it actually is or has.

The nerve branches overlay the Ascending Aorta and the trunks of the Pulmonary Arteries at proximal levels and at a deeper level the Superior Vena Cava.  So this target, (NOT CV-17), has far reaching potential and potentially damaging result.  First you will get superficial nerves just under the skin, then the vibration or compression will affect the deeper nerves of the Cardiac Plexus.

To see the deeper nerves in discussion, fade the skin, muscle and nerve layers completely to reveal the smaller nerve plexus at the top of the heart.




You can play with man made points, or you play with God made anatomy, physiology and functionality... it is your choice.

You can choose a real martial education through KI (Kyusho International) or those imitating (at least attempted imitation) that call themselves KI.

This is part of an ongoing research and development bringing the Bubishi back to life and practice without the myths, tales and speculation.

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