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A new advancement in your Kyusho Education:

As the leading Kyusho Educational website, we want to thank all of our past and new readers alike during this Holiday Season.

These days we are hard hit with people selling us everything under the sun, we too at have done this, but now offer a new and innovative approach.  Instead of collecting products, we will be offering subscription to access lots of information in text, image and video.

The idea is this: all products new and old are added continually to the subscription service that you are in control of totally.  You can access this information at any time by phone, pad, computer or TV with controls in your own hands. is evolving and that includes new options for your convenience, but first let's look at how it all started.

  • Lets talk about the forum first... when it first started there was nowhere to go to ask questions and post ideas or findings. This at the time was cutting edge for your Kyusho Education.  It served well until more and more people developed their own Kyusho based websites and the advent of Facebook.
  • Next came widespread the hard copy surge with book, article and DVD distributions in 5 languages, that reached over 70 countries worldwide... people needed to see and hear the educational process in several educational modes for more comprehensive understanding.
  • Then a new advent that combined and became globally accessible instantly as it went back to electronic technology of the web with the educational website and integrated forum support to answer any questions or concerns... truly cutting edge and the best possible distance training option.  This started in 2005 and was a huge success (still is), but it has limitations in technological reach as the mass appeal of Apple products did not support the "Flash" technology and many could not access this via their accounts via phone or smart pads.  This was the first and only place that had detailed, 5 and 6 layer anatomical images to give the user the most accurate and informational charts available on the planet.
  • Then information interuptus... along came Facebook and YouTube.  These two industries became the best way to spread the word about Kyusho, but severely lacking in educational capabilities.  People flocked to this medium because it was new and exciting... as they themselves could instantly keep up on seminars, short clips and ideas, but not with the same depth or educational aspects of the prior technologies.  Oneof themost disastrous outcomes of these two social media outlets was that it developed people into scanners instead of deep thinking, involved discussion and action based practitioners.  There is so much coming at you that our attention is diverted to "See It ALL" instead of understand it fully.
  • Genius, along comes with the universal accessibility, viral possibility of Facebook and YouTube, rental and purchase options with instant access and far better quality... Kyusho Education is now totally mobile... however it lacks the written explanations, the incredible leveled anatomical images that could be interactively manipulated by the practitioner to give them the absolute location and structural aspects of each target.

Fast forward to today; the time has come to morph into a better way to share valuable Kyusho educational processes...  one that will be instantly accessible, universally usable on all devices, have video, text and 5 layer interactive anatomical illustrations, translatable text into any language, scalable and constantly updated.  Instant notification of new release and get this... no additional charge for the platinum level full access subscription!

Now what's good about this is that it allows for a much more interesting presentation format... and saves you time. Instead of visiting the forum and scanning posts, you can subscribe to the Blog and get an email notice when something new is posted... keeping you up to date on new innovations and pertinent information.

When you subscribe you will automatically gain access to that level of subscription:

All text are can be translated automatically into your language of choice, all video is in English only... you must create an online account prior to purchasing the subscription levels.

Free Subscription

Free Access to the site and ability to comment...
Current and ongoing articles and news for you to exchange thoughts and ask questions on all aspects of Kyusho for Martial Arts, Self Protection, Law Enforcement, Health, Intimacy and Energy Development.  Click Here!

Bronze Subscription

$119.00/year -  All 9 basic levels of the globally recognized and accepted Kyusho curriculum of the Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai Black Belt certification process similar to program.    The videos are in in universal format for Android and Apple devices (Pads, Smart Phones, Smart TV and all Computers).  This includes video clip of each step, 5 layer graphic of the anatomical targets and text (that can be translated online into any language).  And you can also accomplish online testing for Black Belt degrees on this level.   Reg $180.00 Save $81.00  Click Here!

 Silver Subscription

$149/year -  Bronze + Health & Wellness 1 and 2, Kyusho Energy Development Program and the Archive films.  The archives are films not in production any longer such Mu & Shu points, Kusanku, NaiHan Chi,Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseiru, Chinto, Grappling and more... continuously added at not extra charge... full access.   Reg $860.00 Save $731.00  Click Here!

Gold Subscription

$199/year - Bronze and Silver levels + Special titles
Expanded curriculum videos like KO's and Drills and more advanced applications in Compression*, Iron Shirt*, Seizing*, 6 Ji Hands, Gock Ng Sing* and more.  Reg $1,685.00 Save $1,536.00.00 Click Here!
*Being added continuously

Platinum Subscription

$249/year - Bronze, Silver and Gold + periodic new material.
All 19 of Evan Pantazi's videos, seminars, special filmings like Advanced KO's, MSC & GTO, Richard Nortons Drills, Intimacy, etc. special productions will be added on a regular basis filmed in HD with new 32 bit graphics and clarity.   Also the Kyusho Anatomical Charts that will eventually be exclusive to our Platinum subscribers will contain added layers that will extra content to make them even more important and place your knowledge at the forefront of Kyusho Practitioners worldwide.  Also additional periodic Video Blogs VLOG  ( ) to keep you on the cutting edge of Kyusho's historical resurgence.  In short you get all the old productions and all the new at no additional charges.  Reg $2,119.77 Save $1,920.77   Click Here!

So why join the service?

Well this contains all my educational videos that costs $2240 Total... (this was at the release, but you save mre every month as new films are added at no extra charge to will not get that anywhere else in the world)... and you can have access to all of them for only $199 yearly subscription, less than 1/10th the cost, not to mention full accessibility, text and graphics that you would not have had. This saves you over $1900!  (and a special for US clients... with PayPal you have 6 months with no payments or interest).

BUT... remember new additions are going to be released all the time and added to the platinum level, most will never be available by DVD... like the KO lessons and drills, ect. and you get them all at no extra charge when subscribed.

Now in all honesty, this was a huge undertaking and I still have a few videos to upload, but within the month, it will be completed so....

 If you already have an account with or on the forums, to join the benefits as a subscribed member, just log in before signing up.

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