What is protection?

Is it merely learning a Martial Art or method of fighting (hand-to-hand, knife, firearm or other weapons), or is it all encompassing?

Yes of course physical means of protection are needed, but you now need more protection against cyber crimes, identity theft, health risks from poisoned foods and prescription medication, intellectual property theft, savings and financial safety, privacy and so much more.

We are attacked daily and the first step in fighting it, is realizing it.  Once you have reached this realization, you can then develop strategies and plans to safeguard you and your loved ones.  This is the Vital Point.

One of your most powerful weapons for protection is common sense.  You must prepare and you must begin now, making it a habit and part of everyday life.

Let's first examine the idea of preparing or as now labeled, being a "Prepper"... I do not mean hardcore bunkers and tanks (although they may have merit), I mean common sense ways to think about your future and present to safeguard you and your family.

Common sense 1:  Food and water, we all need it and it is the most important aspect of being prepared for natural disasters or even financial collapse.  And lets face it food never gets less expensive, it keeps going higher and higher with quality and nutrition getting less and less. This ramifies on your health and mental state as well as ability to cope with additional problems.

An easy common sense solution is to double up when you shop for food, hygienic products or household supplies.  Not only do you build up stores for tough times, but you also do something financially smart as well.  It is called dollar (euro or other currency), cost averaging.  Let's first look at the bank, you put money in and they give you what 1/2 of one percent (while they make 90+% on your money), so that is completely absurd and why many never can get ahead. Instead of that money in the bank.... when you see food or household goods on sale buy double what you usually get.  As an example and keeping it simple look at a bag of  Rice... say you see a $1.99 bag of rice on sale for$.99 (saving you $.$1.00), you buy 2 get one virtually free or 100% return on your money (no bank or investment can do that, as quickly for you).  And you have added personal security for at least another day for your family.  Take it a step further and in one year time when that same bag of rice costs $2.49 you have additional savings as well as the security that if the banks close (like Cyprus and Italy over the past years) or a natural disaster hits like Hurricane Sandy which closed New York down for over a week in some areas, you at least have food!  You know food will never be this inexpensive again in your lifetime so the best time to begin is now.  How much better off will you be in a year of preparing like this when compared to not doing it?  Will you always gain 100% , no but you should get at least 25-50% gain on your money as well as further potentials... as well as being prepared... so you double your personal security, you protect and gain from your financial common sense.

Protection is simple common sense, but that has been lost in modern times... it is well past time we get back to it.

This is the Vital Point.


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