UFC -8

Barry Goodridge of Ontario (Canada)
Kuk Sool Won practitioner


Paul Herrera of Nebraska (USA)
Wrestling and Judo practitioner.

The Crucifix is a common move in ground fighting styles. It is typically performed in a perpendicular, chest to chest application, securing one arm in between the crossed leg and the other arm in a lock such as the Americana or Kimura. However this time the application was done from the rear with the applying fighter at first on top, then flipping to the underneath position. This locked Herrera's arms in an outstretched position like that of a crucifixion (hence the name).

This KO was a move never before seen in the Octagon,but had great effect. Most were stunned with the move that saved Goodridge from the proposed defeat, but few considered the KO and what caused it beyond blunt force trauma. As we look closer with the focus on Kyusho targets, tools and trajectory we can understand why it was not the blunt force that knocked Herrera out,it was the Kyusho.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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