Neural-NetworksJust the beginning...

Neural networks can learn from their experience in order to improve their performances and adjust their behavior to fit the needs and demands on their surrounding environment. They can deal with data that other systems may find impossible to read as well as deal with human rules in a situations where the rules are blurred and not clearly defined.  -ep

OK first we attempted to get you past the old paradigm of stationary Kyusho Application, Set technique (Bunkai) and into more spontaneous accuracy methods.  That began your Cross Neural Programming for far superior Kyusho Skills... (or any Martial Style you train).  We did not bog your mind down with the scientific realities, we just asked you to work in more dynamic motion.  We proved this was far superior to old static methods... and it helped refute those that said Kyusho could not be used in action or a real fight.

Next we attempted to get you past the false paradigm of a man made TCM model as related to Kyusho, with old documents from old styles and schools.  We did this by proving Kyusho not only worked without the TCM theories, but far better without the unnecessary study that just bogs your brain down with superfluous and incorrect information.  And we got these people to learn it faster and better than those still using the false paradigms.

After that we attempted to inform the community that Kyusho was not even what people call pressure points, we did this in so many films, demonstrations and writings...but even more importantly in dynamic action!  So all this proven by demonstration in several countries in scores of courses, where does that all lead and what has it got to do with Cross Neural Programming?

It simply this, your nervous system is set up by nature to function at a core level, somehow man has found ways to override these, via cessation, interruption, enhancement and yes reprogramming.  Truly when you think about it it is amazing, but in today's society where such advanced technologies, medicine and science are really blossoming, it should be expected.... but this was actually discovered centuries ago and utilized in combative actions... it is an integral part of an ancient text called the Bubishi.

To access this programing ability, the practitioner needs specific training protocols, as it develops not only the individual in practice, but can also be reverse engineered to weaken the opponent.  Of course this takes time, but the very fact that it is not only possible, but can be assimilated automatically (if instructed properly).  But even more amazing is that it was embedded in old texts and styles, making it not only worthy but actually mandatory to adapt into your skill set for the advancing man.

Kyusho International has painstakingly researched, verified and validated (field tested) these processes for well over a decade in many parts of the world and on thousands of participants.  This was conducted in blind study so as not to taint the findings that would later impact on the actualization of skill.  In other words as we taught Kyusho classes, seminars, courses and worked under medical and scientific study, we did not inform the recipients of what we were (actually) doing that was out of the ordinary and understood parameters of standard Kyusho.  (All backed up by Neuro-Specialists... we are not your typical Martial Art, we are not even a Martial Art, we are an Anatomical Educational System).  You can use in what you do, Martial, Sport, Health, Energy, Yoga, Etc...

The Kyusho International Program is far beyond all the others as it has tapped into the vital points of man.