Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection - Part 6

Condensing the Body

This time we are working a new sound with various martial arts throws and techniques, to experience and understand how the varying sounds control the body. We also want to experiment with timing, application and several other factors to develop a skill that will survive under duress and urgency.

We will start again as we did in the prior sound, with a simple throwing technique called Kotegaesh. We will see and feel the body affects. Again we stress that you should continue to practice your prior sound projection ideas to first develop the skill to a higher degree, but also to measure the differences with this new sound projection.

The sound projection is demonstrated as a stand alone method, but we are actually targeting the nerve structures as well. The sound projection is an enhancement, not a full application. You must still use the nerves and proper body mechanics as the technique typically demands. In fact you are urged to always try the technique wthout sound first as a baseline measurement of how the opponent falls and even experience the with and without sound throw side by side to get the full understanding and affects.

The reason e target the nerves through the sound projection is to cause a second source of vibration and a staggered effect. As we realized with our conventional Kyusho applications, the staggered striking, compressing, rubbing, etc. always gets a maginfied result when the timing is altered between following attacks. It is the same with the sound, whereas the feel will be the first contact and the sound the secondary vibration or nerve stimulation as the sound affects the inner ear more slowly due to the lack of sharp attack like a strike....

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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