Clasping Fist Dropping Elbow

Oyata's Passai - Application 8

Chuan Fa loosely translates as many things, but all translations; Clasping Fist Method, Clenched Fist Method,Fist Method or even Fist Law all have their core about the fist or making of the fist. This method or law or procedure has duality at it's core, the Yin and Yang prevailing. The Yang being the Clasped/Clenched Fist and the Yin being the closing, squeezing, Seizing of the compressive method inherent in making a fist.

We can not avoid this core aspect in any style of Martial Art, as it is the very fabric of life. It is no happenstance that the Kata's or Books of the arts and styles all employ the fist and formation of the fist in then.

With application 8 from Oyata's Passai, we can readily see it's celebration of this concept in this depicted video and interpretation or possibilities. We see the open back hand flip and clasp into a fist as a dropping elbow slams atop it, formed with a clasped fist atop it. As the elbow drops it again opens and then clasps again to develop and depict the concept.

This fist is used to seize and pull the opponent into the position required to properly land the dropping elbow upon the opponents neck and or back. The Clasping Fist is already attacking the Nerves and Blood Vessels of the neck in a squeezing or compressive action as seen in Application 5. This attack by itself done well is enough to render the opponent unconscious or disabled. This Dropping Elbow (as seen in Application 4) is not aimed directly at the spine or it's processes, but rather at the space 1 inch to the side of the bone.This is where the spinal nerve branches become more accessible to the Kyusho Practitioner.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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