"Why isn't Kyusho in MMA"

This question is asked so many times and the answer is always the same.... "It Is". The difficulty is that people that do not train Kyusho can not see what they don't know.So all the Kyusho KO's are not understood as Kyusho to those that can not see do to their level of education or training in it.

But one way to quickly answer is to say,"Read Chuck Liddels' Book, Iceman". In the book he tells of learning a target to KO the opponent and training that target incessantly. So when we see his career in the UFC MMA bouts, we can also see him hunting (and achieving) these targets in his fights.

The Top 10 KO's of Chuck Liddel in the UFC

Above we take a look at the 5th ranked KO, from a question

I can’t remember if I have but I will try to find it, thanks for the tip... I looked for it but couldn’t find it, if you have a link send it over.
Be the change
@Evan Pantazi Here you go. That fight starts at 1:47 with the most visible shot at 1:58.
Evan Pantazi
@Be the change yeah I slowed it to frame by frame... I have your answer. I will be back with a video in a couple of days... with that answer... thanks for finding the clip.


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