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As usual most rely on what someone has told them without really investigating their source, their experience, their reasoning and most importantly how they pass it on.

From the learning post we see how most people retain or learn and which method is most beneficial.  The problem rises when people read something or see a video, then immediately start teaching it.... this is not new, it has been around since the dawn of man, but why most valuable instruction was passed to a select few.

Take for example the Masons, a secret society that was originally organized to pass on the secrets of man (free and unlimited energy sources and capabilities), a history of 20-50 thousand years (not the typically accepted 5000 years academia would have you believe) of architectural and scientific skills.  Today that knowledge is all but disappeared and they guard very few secrets and now tipping into the occult as a source, but the real information is now surfacing from alternative sources.

And so it is with human energetic's like Chi, Ki, Prana... and many other names.  The science that goes back past the Masons, Egyptians  and older cultures has been mostly lost to time, superficial understanding prior to teaching and to these people with little experience simply trying to capitalize on a market.  They rely on accepted dogma that has been generically passed down through ever weakening sources so that few today know or have the real skill.

Instead of myth, legend and hyperbole, we need to look at science... quantum science as the better source of information.  Arts like Yoga, Gung Fu, Chi Gong and others all rely first on mechanics of physical action, posture and transition (and yes these all increase energy as they stimulate circulation of blood, oxygen, lymph and nuero messaging, all increasing rested energetic states), but that superficial level is where most people stop developing.  It is easy to pass on and capitalize on...but few go beyond to get to the real energetic's of life.

To understand this we must go to the common core, that being everything in the universe is an energy and vibrates in constant flux.  Now most will say that a rock as example is not the same as a human, but when you get to the core they are.  All molecules have electrical particles, protons, electrons, neutrons etc., that all have energetic or somewhat electrical composition.  Going further around each particle there is space and or membrane that is also in flux... in short we are intimately connected to the entire universe.  Now this blurb may be a bit heady for some so let's get back to just the human and it's energetic.

First and for most there is the brain as it is the source of all activity in the human... but dramatically overlooked in "Chi" development by most.  This is due in part to the largest influence of Chinese practices which are a shell of the older and more profound Indian (Yoga) practices (which themselves are a shell of prior method).  The brain activates via somatic, autonomic's and sensory transmission, the entire being with energetic transference which in turn initiates more energetic transference outside the body.

CadueseusAt the core of the brain is the Pineal Gland, revered in all ancient and even more modern cultures.  We can see it depicted in Indian, Egyptian, Celtic and many other cultures images, carvings, transcripts, clothing and even the basis of western medicines symbols.  Look at the Caduseus (Caduceus, is adapted from the Greek word kerukeion, which means "herald's wand" -- the staff of the public messenger. It's related to the words kerux and kerusso, which pertain to someone who announces information to the public.),  as example pictured here:

We can see so many things that relate to ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece and carried through time to the early 1900's when the medical profession adopted the symbol.

Staff: The staff is representative of the spinal column and the energy that translates life from the brain as well as communication from the world to the brain.  This energy in Indian practices of Yoga represent the Kundalini.

Serpents:  The serpents wound in double helix fashion (thing DNA) are the energy representations of the Ida and Pingala as they represent the positive and negative, yin and yang, male and female or life and death (along with their battle to ascension).  They also relate to the shifting of right brain energy to left body and vice versa.

Pineal Gland:  The ball at the top of the staff is the most protected part of the human body, encapsulated at the center of the brain under Pia Mater, Subarachnoid Space, Arachnoid, Sudural Space, Menigial Layer of the Dura, Periosteal Layer of the Dura,the bone of the skull, the Periosteum and the outer skin.  The pineal gland connects the endocrine system with the nervous system in that it converts nerve signals from the sympathetic system of the peripheral nervous system into hormone signals.  Believed by many cultures from the beginning of record as the "principal seat of the soul"or the connection between the intellect and the body.

Wings:  Signatory of the accession to greater awareness and realms beyond the physical, once the cultivation, proper functioning and practice, of the entire system would give the fluidity of life within and without.  This energetic realization and connection with the vibrations of the unniverse, will then radiate out to others and give us freedom as symbolised by the wings.

This is not simply a sign of physical health, but also the path to achieve it, relieving stress and becoming attuned to our place in the universe. In order to become truly healed, we must first understand this ancient symbol, what it teaches and why it represents not only the proper method of Chi Gung, Yoga,Ki, Prana... but our very existence and good health.