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challengeBack at ya!

On the older forums we had a very popular set of postings called challenges, were we challenged you to work with Kyusho in a focused way and all discuss the findings.  People from all experience levels and from all overthe world participated and we all learned a ton...making these discoveries and helping so many achieve success was and still is thegoal of and hopefully all of you as well.

Well we are bringing them back to motivate you to greater skill and enjoyment of Kyusho.

So are you ready to go for it?

If so this will be more fun with more people.. so don't be shy use the comments below (but please keep on topic)!

 Challenge 1:

Ok.... the Malar Foramen and Malar Nerve is often called the Zygomaticofacial Foramen and Zygomaticofacial Nerve and is a great target that is very accessible in boxing or with fighters that drop their chin.

My challenge to you is to post any and all ideas on this great target as example a point designation (if it has one), angle and direction, uses, reactions, affects, etc.  Find videos of it being used in Boxing,Kyusho, Karate, etc... in short lets get it all out there so we can all learn and use this target more efficiently and practically.

Here is an old chart of this target, sorry not as detailed as our new subscription charts.

Who is up for the start... post below!





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  1. admin says:

    My first challenge to you is to find a point designation for it…

  2. craig lee says:

    Is It ST7 or SI18? not sure.either way its usually pretty accessible when countering a punch. A backfist with a single knuckle after blocking the punch with a double strike to the lung meridian. Or maybe a block,parry chicken wrist. And maybe an upwards 45angle on the cheekbone towards the brain? School me…

    • admin says:

      Craig, both of those “points” you mentioned are under the zygomatic bone and a different nerve branch.

      An upwards strike will cause pain, withdrawal and a bit of dizziness if struck well, but there is a better way.

      Keep working it sir, then let us know your experienced observations.

      • craig lee says:

        So will any strike/stimuli reach the CNS? Does the direction of the strike determine the route the impulse will travel on the nerve? Would it be ZF to maxillary to trigeminal to CNS to cause the effect in the brain? Or is the effect within the nerve branch itself. Any strike on the PNS should be a good set up point right. Hope this doesnt sound too unintelligent Trying to learn the nervous system and think in terms of nerves not points

  3. Xavi Vila says:

    One question… point designation? in which way of nomenclature? It can be “Side Eye-1” or Malar Forament point… Why to search other names if already have one?

    • admin says:

      Xavi you can call it whatever you wish… I stated that to illustrate a point (or lack thereof) in several other posts; Kyusho is not pressure points.

      This nerve does not have a point name, but it is still a highly valuable target… so do you want to stick with the erroneous point names or know the real targets.

      But more importantly how can you use it… then can you add it to your training?

      • Xavi Vila says:

        As stated in the forum, I do not stick no names, I use more anatomic structure study. 😉
        This point can be used, for example, as Gall-bladder, as attacks the same general structure. It can also be used in grappling, pressing to subject a person, just an example. Next week will try at dojo.

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