Oh Yes "It" Is!

Did you ever hit your funny bone and experience severe pain, mental distortion, uncontrolled body, an electric shock shooting down your forearm? Then You know Kyusho is real as it is the same thing.  When you hit your funny bone,you actually hit the Ulnar Nerve... and it is not funny unless you are watching the person that hit theirs.

So many people and Martial Artists constantly say "Kyusho is not real", but is that what they really mean?

We we want to help you understand your arts better, with a deeper look at the human anatomy and physiology.  We are not saying your art needs this to be viable, we are saying that you will find greater depth in your own system if you better understand the human body.

I heard of one Martial Arts Instructor near me, (a great practitioner as well as Instructor and Coach), state he does not believe Kyusho is real.  However he also stated that he saw a guy get "blocked" on the inside of the ankle from a kick, the block collapsed the person and made him throw up.   Hmmm sounds like Kyusho... and obviously real.

So does that mean he just does not believe in the word "Kyusho", or pressure points, TCM, acupuncture... great neither do we.  Instead we believe, learn and train on nerves, blood vessels, organs, reflexes, etc., these are real, just ask your Doctor.

The real issue

May be that many instructors do not believe in the pressure points angle, but again, pressure points are not real Kyusho.  And since they have no prior experience or knowledge with and of Real Kyusho, it is not real in their minds.  And unfortunately many, instead of researching in person or in courses with real Kyusho through real hands on training, they rely on YouTube videos and forums online to base their opinion.

Well we know that YouTube is not the best source of real information.  There are many on YouTube that make great claims and spew so much information on acupuncture, yet have no real training as they learned from YouTube or others that work in the acupuncture ideology.  And worse is you have "High Level" belt wearers that you watch and see they may teach, but they must not really train as they are off target, sloppy, do not get great reactions, etc..  All this leads to misinformation, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of Kyusho.

Another Possibility

Some Instructors that do not train it (and do not want to), deny it as they do not want to invest their time in research and training... so instead of admitting (to whom they are talking to), that they are not familiar with it, they just say it's bunk.  There are others that have built a following in one direction using traditional method and do not want to be seen still studying as they feel they know everything.


People will attend and pay $1000 for a weekend to learn how to punch, twist their hips, do stretching exercises, etc.. just like they do in class, when they could instead invest their time in research of real Kyusho.  Their Martial Art may not become performance acclimated (fading with age), but they would understand their styles much more and learn how to improve even with age.  And to those that pay $1,000.00 for a Dan Grade package...Really!!!  Youpay that much for a dvd or booklet, and memorize it to spew back to receive a rank, wow, just wow.

Yes Kyusho is Real

Well real Kyusho anyway, just as documented by the founders of the traditional styles.  What is humorous and sad at the same time is that naysayers will bow to the images of their styles Founders, but do not or will heade their own writings.  Take Gichin Funakoshi 船越 義珍 of Shotokan (with Kyusho in his Karate book), Morihei Ueshiba 植芝 盛平 of Aikido (who stated 80% of Aikido is Atemi), Fujita, Soken, Oyata, and so many others... they documented Kyusho in their writings and performed it in public.  It was not given freely to all in the style, but that does not mean it was not a part of the style or not real.

Kyusho is rapidly spreading around the world in all styles and countries, it must have some reality for all those training it, to continue to train as well as it spreading further.  Yes we are on the cusp of a Martial Art revolution, that will eventually be in all schools and styles.  Getting back to a more original Art... one that was developed out of reality and watered down to keep that reality secret.  But just because it was kept more secretly and privately, does not mean it was and is not real.

To say something is not real, one must first experience it for a period of time... working with it to properly investigate it.  To say that something you do not understand, never trained or even researched is not real... is unreal!


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