Kyusho Targeting

When you are working to correctly attack a vital target, most will rely on their eyesight, then on eye-hand coordination to achieve the goal.

However this method is severely flawed and why we are bringing your attention to it.

In High Stress and close quarter combat, your ability to focus becomes inhibited by other physiological changes in the body.  So, unless you practice an alternative targeting method, you won't have an effective Kyusho Skill.


Fight or Flight

In a close quarters high stress or life threatening situation, our instinctive Fight or Flight response is triggered.  In this process many physiological things happen to the body automatically, all meant to insure our survival:

Adrenaline Dumps into our blood stream, which will cause our eyes ciliary muscle to relax... and the lens of our eye actually flattens.  This inhibits focus of close range objects, like a Kyusho target or even the sights on your firearm.




How do you train for this

The process is not a quick copy of a video, this involves long hours of hands on training.. it is not a trick or technique, it is a developed skill.

Your training must involve many steps to build to the level where you transition from distance target acquisition to constant contact acquisition.  In other words you must first accomplish a level of skill (real not supposed) in stressful distance sparring and work to medium range (tools, targets and trajectories change), to body to body (where again the targets, tools and trajectories... even the energetic transfer must change and adapt) rigorous and spontaneous action dictate the target selection that you must adapt to.


This is different

This is not the slow, staged YouTube type action that anyone and everyone is copying and duplicating.  No these are mere dojo or seminar tricks... to handle reality, you must train as such.

As example, a Law Enforcement Agent that uses Kyusho in their work successfully, may believe that they can accomplish all of this as well.  But when in uniform their is trepidation from the perpetrators, as well as other factors that make it easy to have that success with a few tools and targets.  However in more drastic scenario these common control and arrest methods may not be enough, especially when more the number of perpetrators outnumber the agent... that one on one success goes right out the window.


It is not the Target

That is the main focus of the seasoned Kyushoka, although it is commonly taught this way.  It is in the dynamics of reality that we must enact the Kyusho that must be taught... as that will always change the target, the nature of the target and the ability for success with it.  So it is not Kyusho that is the most important thing, it is how to use it that is... seek proper training.


You Must train properly.


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