Bubishi-Cover-TNBubishi Part 1 - 36 Points

What is presented is a base of opinion on this great ancient work called the Bubishi. These opinions are based on a profound amount of research as well as actual hands on application. I will only state here a few of my personal opinions, not those of others:

I believe that many of the points depicted have other deeper implications beyond the acupuncture theory that most ascribe to, through experience and research it is my opinion these were all blood related targets to be attacked with a field weapon (sword, Knife, Axe, etc), of that period.

I further believe that the times associated were the times it took to bleed out or die from complications to these wounds... as opposed to a time table of when best to attack them.

For the 6 specific hand postures depicted, I also believe that they devised these to deeply penetrate the opponents body and cause specific damage to those depicted targets.

And in line with that I believe that the fighting postures were simple self defense ideas... using any of the targets would have depended on your understanding and skill with them... which I believe all soldiers of that time period (and throughout the hand to hand eras), would have.

If you have watched the HBO series "Game of Thrones" you will see as example the ST-12 used many times to dig a sword into. This is the concept I believe the Bubishi originally documented.

The herbs I believe were added to keep the military functioning in the field, whether it was from festering wounds, to dissentary... the health and vibrancy of each soldier was always a concern. The herbs were not meant to relieve Kyusho attack affects.

What we did was filmed the 36 points and some ways to work them on mostly a nerve basis (as where here is a blood vessel their is also nerve), but also ideas for blood as well.

It was filmed in a class situation, not a seminar and also (we are proud to say), has input on neurology from Dr. David Ellis.

It is a primer for the full project... 1.75 gb HD stream

Over 3 hours of video instruction for all computers, smart phones and pads $149.00 for instant access online (log into Kyusho.com account first)
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Bubishi - Part 1 - 36 Points
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