What has Bitcoin got to do with Kyusho?

Kyusho means "Vital Point", what is Vital in your or the ability to buy food, shelter and yes do activities.  You will either control your own, or someone else will control it for you... if you allow others to control and handle your money, you are creating a massive vulnerability to your family.

Why am I on this Bitcoin Kick...well to protect and save people money all around.

We all know what the Banks and Governments are doing, they have lost control and are desperate.  They have already stolen money form people (and yes you) but it is getting more dangerous if you are still in their control, you can break away slowly, or they can break you in a blink of an eye (when the banks don't open some Monday Morning) and it is coming faster and faster.

In fact they know currencies will all crash (actually started already) so even they are working to develop Blockchain technology and Crypto Currencies.  But who would you rather trust... the banks and governments that can control your accounts now and in the future, or a de-centralized ledger of transactions that can not be controlled? and Kyusho International will always provide cutting edge solutions.

I first tried to tell people about Bitcoin when it was around mid $200 per Bitcoin, well it is now $975... yup you missed a quadrupling of your investment potential...but it is going to grow even more.  They supply is limited at only 21 million... folks there are 7+ Billion people on the planet, do the math.

Yes it takes a little more time, you buy the Bitcoin and then purchase the product... two moves instead of one... is it worth 10% - 20% discount for you to take 3 extra minutes?


Some simple solutions... to get some Bitcoin and start saving on all purchases at



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