Since the beginning of Kyusho Internationals founding, we have been tirelessly dedicated to proving that Kyusho was not only real, but affected the body as professed through modern medical and technological science.

We also sought the inner affects of a Kyusho event as to the exact influence and reflex created at the time if the event. Initially this study was for martial application, but quickly encompassed healing, fitness and intimacy aspects as well.

In 2000 Dr. Diane Stoler had approached Kyusho International founder Evan Pantazi, with the offer to measure brainwaves during Kyusho applications. Of particular interest was the controversial knockout potential with its correlations and affects on the human body. Several of these tests were enacted in various settings with one inducer and varying recipients to maintain more of a constant stimulus on the different recipients.

This process recorded in live time, revealed only the function of the brain as well as the affect of induced stimulus on it. With the equipment and technology of the time, only the brainwaves activity levels, (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma and Delta), could be measured and recorded. What was observed during the testings was Replication or mirroring of the inducer and recipients brainwaves during the event (KO). This mirroring was observed during all tests with all participants.

Some of the findings were expected such as spikes or declines in brainwave function during an event, but others were quite surprising. And many questions and correlations discovered.

From the information and methods of Kyusho some learned and some tested, Dr. Stoler had gone on to implement several into her highly acclaimed practice; helping those afflicted with Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PSTD) and Concussion.

With the major advancements in technology, methods and understanding, the continued study has again revealed many startling and profound new findings, insights and yes even more questions.  So we approached it again with more advanced equipment and more Doctors and Scientists present.  This time with the assistance of Brainmaster Technologies inc., creators of the Brain Avatar 3D Nuerofeedback mapping software.  In conjunction with Dr. Diane Stoler author of "Dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries" and "Post Concussion Disorders", Kyusho International investigated the inner connection of the brain as affected by the application of Kyusho techniques.  ( Gary and I KO each other here; actually did several times at the sessions with some amazing results.)

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