concussions-and-brain-injuries-s1-photo-of-brain-anatomyMethods and Treatment Part Five 

By Dr. Diane Stoler

Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D., is a Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Health Psychologist, Board Certified Sports Psychologist, and Trauma Therapist with over 35 years experience. In 1990, Dr. Diane had a stroke while driving her car, resulting in a 60 mph head-on auto accident. She has since undergone brain surgery, and sustained two more concussions. Using her experience and expertise, Dr. Diane wrote Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, the first comprehensive guide to brain trauma and its hidden effects. Her newest book Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury released November 2013 covers all aspects of the recovery process, including information on sports and blast injuries. As both a professional and a survivor, Dr. Diane devotes her clinical practice, writings and personal appearances to helping organizations and individuals overcome life’s obstacles and achieve their goals.

"Kyusho is an ancient form of Chinese self-defense and healing that involves tapping of acupuncture points and is an excellent method of self-protection. It is also very effective  in healing many of the symptoms of PCS and PTSD".

- Dr. Stoler

Dr. Stoler first approached Kyusho after her stroke as she was physically and emotionally weakened.  She wanted a fast simple self protection course that would enable her to protect herself with only half of her strength now available after her stroke.  From that beginning step Dr. Stoler dug deeper into not only the health aspects, but also into the deeper ramifications with disabled clients these methods.  Achieving great success, she began to gain even more interest leading her to suggesting we map the brainwaves during various Kyusho applications from martial to health.  The idea of mapping the brainwaves during Kyusho applications in 2000 was first applied at the North Andover facility and later at many Kyusho events in Massachusetts (USA).

[Ed Note: The vast improvement in Dr. Stoler was incredible for me to watch, from the gained physical control to the confidence, everything improved... congratulations Dr. Stoler - Evan Pantazi]

Recently with new technology she brought us together with another brain wave technology innovative group to map the results in 3D, (read more on this here).

We gratefully thank Dr. Stoler for her commitment to helping us in Kyusho as it helped her, we have discovered so many details that may never have been found.  These details have propelled us in directions that have opened new possibilities as well as deeper understanding.

While many may criticise Kyusho for the contact, others are acclaiming it for the benefit of those that have suffered brain injury and the post traumatic stress disorder that ensues.

We will never stop researching and helping peple realize the potentials of Kyusho and we are glad you are around for the ride... 




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