It has always been clear throughout time, that the mind controls all.

Modern Science has been trying to catch up to intuition, observation and common sense, but we got lost in modern science that dissolved these principles and natural workings under a too technical approach.

Look at this image to the right, it appears to be in motion... but with thought and practice, you can stop it's seeming motion.

We can and do use this in Kyusho as well but few realize the potentials or the realities... by staying mired in the TCM paradigm, Kyusho strictly as a Kata Bunkai, or the same old concepts, we keep ourselves in a prison of our own making.

Your mind is so powerful that most scientists agree we only use about 10% for a fully functional life.  But we can all go well beyond and with Kyusho in the correct conceptual, experiential and actualization...you can.

Not only can you go beyond, you can influence or help others break free and excel as well.

Take a look at this brief film first:


Electro Physiology brining on the "Nuero Revolution"

Now we do not delve into electro stimulation (But we have worked with it extensively), we work from physical manipulation as well as energetics.  The ramifications on Health, Wellness, Potential, Protection and of course even Martial Endeavour... are profound.

So were do we go from this film?

Attributes of the mental, physical and energetic body... it has been at the core of civilized man until man became too smart to see, feel and experience it.

It is fully possible to tap into the nervous system as well as attributes of the brain using the Kyusho properly.  So much so that we can undergo major personal change as well as change another person.  We have touched base on this before in a few posts like "Tiger Trumps" and we urge to to read or re-read that article along side with this one.

So how do we do this with Kyusho...well most of you have seen an instructor let you know what will happen with the recipient before working a nerve.  Then when the actual demonstration is performed the body acts as stated.  This is the rudimentary level (and discovery) that can be further developed if we train in the right mindset... without a proper base we will never find the full heights we could climb.

This is not magic, it is real and it is based on Neurology, Physiology and Functionality... not TCM, Pressure Points and theoretical models.  It is all in history as it is written about in ancient manuals like the Bubishi and others.  Learn to look at the realities of the human anatomy, not man made theories.

This is the past, present and future of Kyusho.