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Martial Arts as Energy Work has been a practice of mankind throughout the millennia and in all cultures.  It is not the soul creation of China, Okinawa or Japan... all of the ancient civilizations had their own hand to hand as well as military methods, even the Egyptians, Greeks, Africans and Mayan cultures.

Some cultures and names are more familiar and mainstream, however they are all similar in essence.

The Egyptian Headdress pictured here as an example, illustrate the 3 main energy lines (people are more familiar with in Indian Yoga terminology) as The main line of Shushuma (mid-line that mimics the spine to brain or Central Nervous System) and the dual sidelines that exit above the eyes as snakes represent the Ida and Pingala.

Take that to modern times and we have the Medical Staff (Caduceus), as a modern representation of the same energy map.

The Staff is the Shushuma, the snakes Ida and Pingala, the ball at the top is the symbol of the Pituitary Gland and the wings  (The rays on the Egyptian Headdress, as the antenna to the outer human.

This Ain't Just Myth or Legend, It's Science

The Pineal Gland has been referred to through the ages as the "Seat of the Soul" or the Mind's Eye and has been held in great reverence by the ancient schools to modern times and those who possess this esoteric knowledge.

The pineal gland is now a tiny gland in the center of our brain, connected with all our senses and the rest of our body. Through the other senses it communicates with the outer world in electrical impulses.  This is accomplished with its spectrum of hormones as it regulates our state of consciousness, e.g. waking, sleeping, dreaming, various meditative states including those states in which we may have mystical experiences.


There is a way to train the Pineal Gland as well as the nerves of the body to achieve greater understanding, skill and control over your mind, body and spirit.

It is a perfect addition to the Ba Duan Jin, Buddha Palms and Sanchin energy training.  Now learn to de-calcify and open the Pineal Gland using a Mayan exercise in this unique video:

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