Continuing on from the last exploration of offensive uses found in the Wing Chun, "Bon Sao" (tool, method, application) as a defensive mode, we now research the inherent "Constriction" hidden within.

Often people only see what is presented without taking in the full foundational concept of the style. In Wing Chuns case, the Style was founded as Ng Mui from watching a battle between a White Crane and Black Snake. Most practitioners however are only taught the Crane actions and only one or two ideas of the Snake (Biu Jee finger thrust). They are rarely taught the constrictive fighting traits of the Snake and therefore only learn,train, comphrehend and incorporate the Black Snakes potentials.


When we advance on our opponent and find ourselves in a clinch position, inside the arms with one hand on each shoulder. From there we lead in with the first knuckle of the thumb (Iron Bone Hand of the Bubishi), across the base of the skull. As the knuckle passes the pressure and rubbing continues on with the Radial Bone of the forearm.

As we shift the body, our centerline hand presses the opponents neck into the forearm to cause greater leverage and pressure. This hand also attacks the nerves of the face to add even greater dysfunction and incapacitation.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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