More with the 6 Ji Hands and Bob

Last week we worked with the 6 Ji Hands on the Head and Neck area targets that would cause unconsciousness. The same holds true for Kyusho's body targets as they all can cause unconsciousness and even fatality when struck correctly and with that level of commitment and intent.

The number of tools are more limited as a heavier concussion is necessary to get deep enough into the better protected torso. The grasping or seizing tools of the Iron Claw and Single blade of Grass Hand, would not penetrate, enough, nor would you find a seize-able target on the much larger body section. So we are working more with the 4 remaining Ji Hands; Blood Pool Hand, Iron Bone, Iron Sword and even the Iron Palm.

The Iron Palm also runs into a bit of challenge that only decades of training will help the practitioner utilize it as effectively as the other more stabbing tools. That is not to dissuade it's use, but rather a caution not to expect too much, too soon and to not let it prevent you from training it.

To learn the method, targets in this extended film, use these links:

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