The Bubishi, Shichen and Seiunchin

The ancient Bubishi reveals to us the inner core of Budo, that being the understanding of the human weaknesses and how to use them in times of need.

The very core of the Bubishi is the methods of ancient warriors that marched into battle against the unknown foe. these soldiers lived or died by their martial training skills. This was not only with weapons of the time, but also hand to hand combat.

The soldier needed to know the most efficient targets to strike, slash or pierce, that would kill the opponent with one blow. These targets are the Shichen.

One of the most Vital systems of the human anatomy is the Blood System, it is mapped exactly and succinctly in the Kata Seiunchin. But not only is the blood system mapped out within the Kata, so to are the Vital Tools, Targets and Methods to use on the opponent to gain ultimate victory.

In this film we will discuss the Blood Map of Seiunchin as well as methods to attack it at the Vital Targets, with the exact Tools to make the method actually work.


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