uses Bitcoin!

Bitcoin-Small has been accepting Bitcoin since 2013, as we are always on the cutting edge in seeking better ways to educate and protect you and your family.

  • With currencies currently going crazy it is hard to keep up with exchange rates and all the confusion in price.
  • Banks are placing limits or astronomical exchange rates.
  • Some countries can not do business with others due to government controls.
  • Some Banks just close for undetermined timeframes leaving people without money (just ask Italy, Greece, Cyprus and others)



The benefits are infinitely better than Credit Cards, Bank Wires, Western Union, Swift and other typical transfers:

  • Legal
  • Anonymous
  • Your phone can be your wallet and bank at the same time
  • Travel anywhere
  • No Taxes or VAT added to purchases
  • Direct Transfers person to person
  • No Banks or Clearing House
  • Virtually No Transaction Fees
  • Use them in ANY Country
  • Account can NOT be frozen
  • No Prerequisites or Limits
  • The Governments are now trying to ban cash - they can not stop Bitcoin!
  • The Banks and Governments are heading toward negative interest rates so you pay them to keep you money... really can anyone be that foolish or naive??!!!  They can NOT do that with Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin we are working to open new trading platforms, you contact us here to place any order in and we will send you the special price invoice, you can pay in your own currency automatically converted to Bitcoin! And we will save you money over the current prices.

Bitcoin has to do with the REALITY that what we use as "money" which is changing rapidly. It is our belief that this rapid change will be extremely beneficial to the peoples freedom from the banks and governmental controls going forward as all these "Bitcoin Knowledgeable" people also know the necessity of owning and using alternate monies.

Like it or not, Bitcoin is making history - As people are becoming disillusioned with their current monetary requirements.

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Who takes Bitcoin:


Society is moving in this direction... Like moving from Vinyl Records, to 8 Tracks, to Cassettes, to CD's and now MP#'s.... people change and innovation are unstoppable.   Or the computers are being replaced with smart pads and phones... going to watches... it never stops,but people loose as they do not change in time.




We are finding through experience that this helps a great deal of people around the world save money and free themselves of the Bank and Government systems.

For more answers or FAQ - Click Here


As always is on the cutting edge of Self Protection (from all angles)... we will never stop trying to help you protect Yourself and Family!



First Published:  Published on: Dec 4, 2013 @ 12:16   


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