Azato Taikyoku Grappling

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This is a short but fun Tegumi exercise that was passed on to me from Dr. Jacob McClintock. He had learned it from Master Masayuki (Asato) Ward of the Azato Shorin Ryu lineage.

Image Right: Masayuki (Asato) Ward (L), Jacob McClintock (R)

There is a lot more information and controversy with Masayuki (Asato) Ward, but here is a brief listing of what Doctor McClintock picked up in his studies.

"Hey, I sent you some more info about Master Ward. Also I need to clarify some things":

  • He would typically do a technique to me, then tell me to practice it in the air, and then go back inside his house, then would come back out 30 min later and do another one to me, and repeat.
  • I had many holes in my knowledge, and I have had to fill in the rest using my own innovation based on the principals I was taught.
  • The flow drill of blocks, I mostly put together on my own, but the blocks (parries) were taught to me.
  • He clearly knew and used Kyusho on us students, but never taught them to me.
  • He had many black belts that had been with him for 15 - 20 years, that I'm sure he never taught this to. He would kick them out of the office and talk to me only a lot. They hated me.
  • There were several older students that would come by to visit from time to time and they clearly knew the true art, based on the things they said. I was invited out to dinner with them and sensei frequently. Also, he taught my sensei, Master Huddleston, the real stuff and he taught a lot of this to me second hand.
  • I was quite devastated when u was kicked out of his dojo. Gotta be clear on that point.

Here is some info about Master Masayuki (Asato) Ward...

Including more information, (36 minute video with Jacob McClintock,Evan Pantazi and the Shihans) actual performance of Tegumi and Kyusho Breakdown... 


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  1. Benjamin Viloria says:

    As you lock his left arm in a headlock you probably could take him down in that locked position and punch him on the ground straddling him holding on to his left arm as you punched him

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