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Many years ago, 15 - 20... I said that everyone would be teaching Kyusho at some point, yes even those that discredited it.  They should as well because people will seek Instructors that know it rather than not.

Now there are many out there already working the Kyusho title, some are good,some are not and some are just beginning.  We applaud those trying and we can see their level of skill on their videos and more from their statements.

However,when we see them using the term Pressure Points, we quickly realize they have not understood what real Kyusho is.  This is especially true when they are targeting the eyes, temple, groin, ears and other vital targets, that are of course standard targets, but they are not real Kyusho and not even pressure points.

The term "Kyusho" is now being used for marketing and making the novice (those seeking Kyusho) believe the instructor really knows Kyusho.  Here are some other hints for you to discern if a particular Instructor (source) knows real Kyusho:

  • They use standard targets (eyes, ears, throat and groin)
  • They say "It is too dangerous to show" (well how do you know it works, how does the viewer know it works?)
  • They say it is based on "Pressure Points"
  • They use acupuncture terms
  • Their training and or testing has written exams, oral exams, memorization of Acupuncture terms and points.
  • They do not demonstrate the affects they claim
  • They do not demonstrate revival methods to the fallen individual

In fact just because an instructor is well known, or has a "Black Belt" certificate you should first read the certificate to see if it actually reads that the belt or rank is in Kyusho.  You should note the lineage and or instructor that rewarded them and research them as well if no tangible proof of skill and safety have been demonstrated numerous times publicly.

Here is an article by an unknown author, that depicts the lack of real understanding of Kyusho.  As the saying goes, it does not matter whether they talk good about it or bad about it, they are talking about it.  So yes Kyusho will be adopted more and more, it is our tasks as Kyusho Practitioners to train the real Kyusho and help people realize the differences.





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