How to get each affect

Paralysis and Dysfunction are vastly different in their affects on an opponent, however either could give you the advantage.

Paralysis is caused by attacking the nerve with a certain trajectory which causes; Pain and subsequent numbing, muscle weakness, less expansion and contraction speed or power and grip strength of the opponent.

Incapacitation is affecting the entire structure and levels of consciousness. There will be pain in the arm, that triggers the withdrawal reflex, full body collapse and dizziness to full unconsciousness.

The Key is Trajectory

Knowing where the nerves lay is only half of the process, you need to also know the best way to attack them for varying degrees of paralysis or incapacitation. Understanding the correct trajectory (where you are sending the neural shock), that will give you greater control.


Film on the Correct Anatomical Structure, Different Trajectories and Actual Affects... 

For the full class film - 55 minutes of instruction


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