It's Not a Myth

The Iron Palm, mentioned in the Bubishi as well as being a subject of many a Martial Arts movie, has long been thought a myth by so many. Some hold it may have been real at one point in ancient times, but not so in modern times. Still more refuse to believe it is real, much less research or train it on their own.

And those that have sought to research and train it work mostly in the hard style of training and application. They are the ones we see on video slapping sand, rocks, trees and breaking coconuts or large stacks of bricks. However there is a softer method of training and application that makes it possible to deploy handily in stressful encounters or combative need. The training is not done in hard style hand deforming methodology, but rather in a long process of rigorous practice targeting the weaker anatomical structures of the human body.

It's Not Chi, Ki or Magical Energy Either

Those that have not truly tried to work the method, will defend that position by stating that they do not believe in the magical energy force many call Chi, Ki, Prana, etc.. It is first and foremost a kinetic transfer of directed energy into a Kyusho Target that will disrupt the physiological state of human function. On the Iron Palm Arm Knockouts we can see different targets used, one for nerve one on blood. You can tell by the body reactions, which is which. As example, the fast decent and instant loss of body control lats us know that the nervous system was attacked, whereas the slower collapse is indicative of a blood attack. There are also combinations where the both systems can be struck simultaneously cause varied speed of dysfunction.

Watch these 5 Knockouts...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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