Target #2 - Golgi (or more accurately the Golgi Tendon Organ/Receptor), this is a rub only target.  The faster and harder the rub the more reaction will occur and the more dramatic the result.  This target is a favorite among Law Enforcement and Security Officers for the control and body dysfunction this can cause as well as for its versatility.  The rub must occur up and down the tendon for results and can operate in two directions.  Stretching the tendon with a hard surface such as knuckles then rapidly rubbing in the opposite direction will completely relax first the immediate area, but subsequently depending on the energetic input, the entire body.  So as an example if you have a hold of an opponents wrist and with the knuckles of your other hand, first stretch this point up toward the shoulder, then rapidly cut back into the tendon toward the hand, the elbow and surrounding muscles will completely relax, followed by the body and legs.  This will cause the opponent to go face down right at your feet, but by reversing the formula above will drop them face down at more distance away from you.  This second approach may be suitable in multiple person defense as a shield or barrier.  A note here that when the elbow is bent more than 90 degrees, this point begins to recess and will not be as accessible or vulnerable.  (Caution is also needed on the force level, as elbow hyperextension, whiplash or other joint or spinal injuries are likely with quicker action).

The target can be stretched or struck with a rubbing action.  This target has many physical effects on the recipient:

  • Hand opens
  • Arm Weakens (locks out)
  • Opposite arm extends and comes back
  • Physical Strength diminishes
  • Knees weaken and buckles
  • Causes severe pain and body opening
  • Causes severe pain and temporary loss of thought and motor control

This is one of 7 target applications, for the full program go to this page:

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