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AimThe aim of

is realizing the vital points of self protection in all aspects.

Besides the need for a firearm (in countries that still allow), you need skill with and against blades, long and short sticks (of all types) as well as the hand to hand (the most important of all). You do not need a lot of fancy techniques or skills, just simple targets that you can utilize under stress with gross motor skills. This of course is where the vital need for Kyusho comes in as it fulfills this need exactly.

No matter what they take from you, you will still have your hands... these must be viewed by all as a crucial link in survival.  The forging of your hands and spirit is perhaps even more important that the skill itself, as a high degree is not what determines the survival of the individual, it is the spirit and mind working in harmony with the body.

With Kyusho we do not need fancy techniques or the greatest of coordination, what we develop is target acquisition skills by learning the weaker anatomical structures of the opponent.  We must train them with gross motor skills that the body converts to in highly stressful circumstance.

Now traditional Martial Arts training will also forge this strong mind, body and spirit connection (even to a higher degree), but many people do not have the time, money or even desire to spend years at honing an art.  So for those that need quick self protection in a short amount of time, there is Kyusho.

If you want to be prepared, you should seek a progressive and tactical training program so that you are prepared for serious and likely situations of attack like surprize, multiple attackers, environmental issues (stairs, elevators, subways, ATMs,  machines, etc.).  As people become desperate they do desperate things.  And to quote Gerald Celente; "when people lose everything and have nothing more to lose, they lose it".    We are seeing unrest and crime escalate due to this, to believe you will be immune is exactly what makes you more vulnerable as you let down your guard... people are watching you to see if you are an easy mark, take this to heart and prepare.  But it may not be crime, it may be be civil unrest or a flash mob over something as seemingly safe such as a sporting event (but we have seen that turn instantly crazy as well).  The fact is you never know so prepare now.

Here is an article that was submitted to a financial newsletter service several years ago that is even more pertinent today:

Are you really Prepared?

With all the great services and informational sources like "The Dollar Vigilante" warning and preparing us for the inevitable dollar crises now taking place, many of us are somewhat prepared or at least working toward that goal.

Many have switched financial holdings, stored food, looked or are actively involved in expatriation, maybe prepared their home (hope you are… but this is a complete topic by itself), for social unrest or increasingly desperate acts of desperate people.  But how many are mentally and physically preparing them self for physical conflict?

You can hire security, but unless you are a head of state, it will not be feasible to have 24/7 protection.  Most of us need to drive somewhere, shop for food, we work and recreate on our own or with our families and in today’s world we are always being watched by someone.  This may seem strange to many and possibly seem to be paranoia, but read the statistics and police reports (which only accounts for a small percentage of actual attacks).

Jeff Berwick has graciously given me an opportunity to write a bit for the TDV blog from time to time… on self-protection.  It will range from tactical approaches, to down and dirty hand-to-hand methods to protect yourself or family.  Let’s start with the mind as that is above and beyond any physical method, in the scope of Tactics…

The vital point in any endeavor is a single key element.


Do you realize that you are being watched, sized up or scrutinized everyday (and not just by the government)… as an example, have you ever stood in front of an ATM?  Do you not think that everyone has looked at you standing there with your back to the world?  Do you suppose that maybe a few wondered how much you were withdrawing?  Can you understand that maybe one or two even thought of what they would do with a bit of extra cash?  Or have followed you with their eyes to your car… looking at the opportunities or pitfalls?  Or did you not even give it a second thought?

Have you been approached by someone looking for a hand out or some spare change?  Have you watched their positioning (they are aware and scoping your every action), have you kept their whole body and both hands in view?  Have you been aware of your surroundings as this one person has diverted your attention or changed your awareness of your surroundings?  And what if that person or more suddenly reached for you, grabbed you or began moving you (even verbally), to another position (out of sight)?  Can you remove the danger or threat?

Many people have begun carrying a firearm... and instantly feel protected.  But the question is can they get to it in time if surprised or are they always carrying it or can they even use it?  Can you safely stop the attack without taking innocents lives; can you walk out a front door of a restaurant and deploy it if the assailant is already on you?  Have they even trained with it other than at a sterile shooting range, can they clear a malfunction, deploy or fire on the move to cover?  The questions are infinite… the real question though is can you cope?

Let's face the truth, there is no one perfect solution to protection, either financially or physically.  We must use a combination of sound and tactical strategies that will withstand the stress, adrenaline and expect the unexpected incapacitated facilities we all depend on.  You must have personal mental and physical self-protection, as well as develop situational awareness to respond to one or more physical assailants.  It is not Martial Arts you need (For all those that train please understand that I have nothing against them as I am a professional with 36 years of experience), but it is beyond that.  We must train Tactically with shorter, faster and more direct approaches that incorporate the psychological, emotional and physical skills to understand and cope under the savage stress and related impositions.

Being aware of anything means little if you do not act on it.


Lets start with some tactics before we get into the actual hand to hand as it is easier to convey by written word and if you can develop the Tactical Mindset, you may very well never need it.

Look at the ATM Tactically; first you must know you are being watched and possible chosen… once you know this and start being aware or “Vigilant” yourself, you instantly become less of a target… you must take action.  As example never use an outside ATM, if you must use one find an inside location in a very public and crowded space and look at your surroundings and people in it.  Do not go in a private ATM with others… (At least no one will be looking over your shoulder for your PIN code… or have you even considered this)?

Things to look for

  1. Are there suspicious characters around or in line behind you?
  2. Does the overhead lighting look like it has been sabotaged?
  3. If anything trips warning bells in your head go to another ATM.
  4. Don't establish a pattern of using the same machine all the time... they are watched.
  5. If you do need to use a Private ATM, bring a door shim to prevent someone from entering behind you… yes they may think you are crazy if they are not a thief, but a thief will definitely know you are aware and seek weaker victims.
  6. Visualize in you mind what you would if something does happens; role-playing is a must all the time.
  7. Preparing the subconscious for the possibility of trouble at an ATM and Stay Aware!



We would also like to add some other important ideas as we are in a global turmoil that is speeding to a worldwide economic reset with major social implications.

Please understand:

  • Hungry people are dangerous
  • Mob mentality takes over in desperate times
  • Violence centers will be:
    • ATM machines
    • Gas Stations
    • Food Stores
  • If you have not prepared you are in trouble
  • People will target those that have (or appear to have)
  • Everything will be fine until one day it won't

What should we prepare for

  • No cash or banks (Bail ins, Confiscation of all Paper assets
  • Closed food and fuel stations (or where violence will occur)
  • Wandering mobs in search of anything
  • Vehicles targeted for kidnapping or car jacking
  • Home schooling and entertainment if you have children
  • Lack of services like electricity and heat or running water
  • Loss of communications
  • Growing your own food
  • Finding water source
  • Hygiene
  • Medical issues and health maintenance
  • Normalcy Bias and Situational Awareness
  • Survival on a level not seen in over a century.
  • Mental aspects of starvation (Click Here)

What will we need to do once the financial collapse occurs

  • Water (services may be shut down inexpensive water solution - Click Here)
  • Food (if the supermarkets are not looted they will be dangerous to go to - Click Here)
  • Cash on hand (people will still accept it for a while)
  • Gold and Silver (all 600 currencies of the world have collapsed 100%, people always resort back to Gold & Silver on hand - Click Here
  • Gold and silver account overseas linked to a bank account - Click Here
  • If you have not bugged out you need to bug in
  • Do not dress in fancy or expensive clothes
  • Do not keep your hair styled
  • Men let beard grow
  • Do not keep up yard work as it makes your home a more likely target
  • Do not cook with spices as the aroma will be smelled even outside the home
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Develop support communities
  • Learn to live off the land
  • Learn to produce or make things
  • Self protection skills

Now most people are not prepared for any emergency with most people having a day or two of food and water at home.  But what if the stores close or turn into looted empty hulls or too dangerous to even attempt to get food.  Now this is a basic, but how many have even thought this out let alone prepared.  Let's face it a natural disaster, flooding, strong storms, below average temperatures, there are so many variables that most never prepare for.   Our grandparents always were prepared with food stores, medicines etc. when did we loose this training in our culture?

Then there is extreme... or is it; how many have purchased a bolt cutter as preparation?  Crazy you say, but it may not be...if turmoil occurs, your home has windows that could be broken and your home looted (a reality in every disaster).  You may not have a security shield for these vulnerable entry points, but with a bolt cutter, you could find chain link fences in your neighborhood to cut and bring home to secure the windows.  Maybe you could also do this for your neighbors in trade for food, water, toothpaste, etc.

Preparation is not a one time plan, it is an ongoing process that not only keeps you prepared, but helps you see many vital points in life.

OK now that this has been laid out, the Kyusho aspect should be instilled... get working.

Financial Protection:

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  1. admin says:

    So to those that understand the reality we are in today, what are your thoughts?

  2. Dee says:

    Evan, you are absolutely right. We are being scrutinized by people at the ATM, leaving a MA school, store,etc. you have to, at a minimum, pay attention to your surroundings. Learn and implement as much as you can when it come to finance and self-defense (implement only when necessary).

  3. admin says:

    People do not realize it is not only criminals or desperate people watching you, government and business together are monitoring everything you do.

    If they are watching you, then common sense dictates you become more aware of your actions and surroundings.

  4. admin says:

    I have started adding essential links in the above post for ongoing preparation.

  5. Dee says:

    That is right. They are watching EVERYTHING we do. Thank you Evan for this post. Those links are very helpful. If I have any questions I know where to go.

  6. Dee says:

    It does not look like you need a lot of money to get started.

  7. admin says:

    No just consistency, start with the water bag for your bathtub, the first you hear something happens, fill it (you can always empty it if you need to). Then Food… likethis:

    Then start with slow accumulation of storable foods, seeds, from the link of survival food on this post.

    Now also start a fund with the goldmoney link above, it is free to start a funding account but you need to accomplish paperwork and link it to a bank account.

    Then you can send as much or as little extra cash to that account and when you have enough, buy silver first…. but read everything as it is your responsibility and decision… make sure yoy understand it all.

    Then keep up on the online news never TV or Radio… that is the propaganda.

  8. Dee says:

    A steady building of the assets you mentioned above that is the key for survival. Thank you Evan for putting it in a systematic perspective.

  9. Dee says:

    People are seeing that there is no more “security” anymore i.e., work place (government), SS,pensions,etc.

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