Diaphragm-3What's so advanced....

If you are a Kyusho enthusiast, you have seen a few revivals...maybe done them as well.

We have also seen people do things that they copied from others and they use them at inappropriate times or with no real need.

And that is why it is necessary to explore one of the more misused revival methods... the back slap.  This is not a revival for unconsciousness although it may (as any shock to the body) awaken the individual, but will not revive or restore them back to a balanced state of being.  This is a revival for a very deep and specific functional disruption that most Kyusho practitioners will never accomplish.  So lets discuss why this revival method (part of a series of actions for this specific need) is in use by some, what is does and why.

Before we begin it is imperative that you do not slap (a slap is also an incorrect method of stimulating), the kidneys as is seen in many misuses, as if the body is under stress slapping this vital organ is not the best application for the individual. The real targets are the nerves emanating from the spine and close on either side of the vertebrae.

The real targets are the anterior lateral cutaneous branches of the intercostal T10 nerve, struck with a deeper penetrating action such as from the heel of the palm (Iron Sword Hand of the Bubishi). This thump also shocks the diaphragm internally as the connective musculation is stimulated.

When we look at the illustration to the right we can see the inner muscle connection of the diaphragm to the spine. By striking the nerves in this area, we can also get stimulation via vibration to these muscle strands (crus of diaphragm).  This will restart the diaphragmatic breathing if stopped in a very deep physiological manner... this can be seen demonstrated at this link: Click Here

We can clearly see that the breathing revival does not work as the KO was deeper than that revival method would rectify... only the thump with the penetrating heel palm started the breathing... listen for it while watching and see the nod of the head as a relief action once the Uke took his first breath.

This is only one example of an advanced revival, not for everyone, but definitely needed for some... for more on advanced revivals see the film and extra information on Vlog 19 - Click Here

The deeper your skills in Kyusho, the deeper your understanding of anatomy, physiology and functionality must be... do not just blindly copy and do though... understand it for the sake of all involved.




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