Part 1 of a continuing series


This is also Part one of a training series to bring you into the Sound Projection aspects of Kyusho. Please be aware these are meant to be training practices, use power judiciously as the increase in affect is rather powerful and profound.

This training will consist of several techniques to training individually each week for a number of successive weeks. There will be two sounds used in this training program, one to make the body feel more expansive, lighter, as well as removing a solid base or foundation. The second sound will induce an opposite affect whereas the Uke will feel a consolidation, or constriction within their body so as to limit expansion and free movement.


This is when the body feels light, not solidly on the ground as the body weight seems to shift upward. As the inner ear and subsequently the balance of the body is manipulated the lifting and head lift not only breaks the balance of the opponent, it also opens them up for the sudden sensory impulse of pain and or stimulus overload. This allows for many varying techniques (some of which will follow in subsequent releases)...but I strongly urge you to work this thoroughly as a simple finger lock idea. This time will allow you to see, feel and fully absorb the body changes of your partner and yourself when you feel the same applications. This empathy and deep "felt" experience, ingrains the skill as it expands the mind and even cleans the system per say.*

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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