071014-N-5476H-721Your Kyusho can advance exponentially!

As discussed in the "Keys" post, focus is the cornerstone of becoming a full and competent Kyusho practitioner.

There are several steps in understanding Kyusho, each and every one can stand on it's own, but together these physiological training and reception applications develop the complete package. Bear in mind this article can not fully give you the complete picture as each individual level has it's own level of depth that the practitioner needs to ascertain for them self to what height in skill they wish to achieve.

Make sure in each of these areas you not only perform the function on another,you must also receive that training as well.

  1. Health:  Starting with the health and wellness program, the goal is to relax and open the bodies neurological system so that basic point manipulation is not only learned, but felt.  This can be effectively practiced on any individual which would also give the practitioner many more training partners, the martial aspects will be a very small amount of willing participants.  Here you release the energetic transmissions of another.
  2. Energy:  Next step is to practice the energy development of Ba Duan Jin as it is a daily stretch of the nerves and their surrounding muscles (activating muscle spindle cells and reaching a deeper reflexive autonomic level).  As you clear the neurological aspects as well as others, the brain also begins to operate more efficiently.  Here you release your own energetic transmissions (get the health program worked on you first).
  3. Intimacy:  Now once you and a another are efficiently operational in the energetic transmissions take it to another level.  Begin to explore the subtle manipulation of the another persons sensory system learning what points on the body can be felt in other areas of the body.  If you are both same gender and do not operate this way, you may do these first 3 levels of study on your own with a significant other, the lessons learned in private will greatly enhance your Martial Skills.  Here you learn to purposefully manipulate another persons nerve function and sense.
  4. Protective:  Now that you have been successful with the first levels, you begin to apply the reverse engineered methods to cause physical dysfunction to to surges of too much stimuli into the other persons nerve system.  This causes impaired motor functionality and the state of mental clarity, focus or thought.  This skill will be far more dramatic in affect as you have educated yourself within focused sections of anatomical study and manipulation.  Here to work to deplete or overload the nerve system of another.
  5. First Aid:  We are now coming full circle in your education as you return to health aspects of releasing the other persons energy under more severe trauma.  This is where you learn to correct the trauma and it's affects via the same areas you first learned to manipulate.  You not only fully understand the components but also the full cycle of cause and effect.  The next time though the cycle, you will have greater understanding as well as ability.  Here you learn to release trauma inflicted issue of another.
  6. Share:  Most people learn to better themselves, but miss the concept of helping others also better them self and again perpetuate the success.  Without adding value for others what good is a high skill?  Think of a world class musician that did not let the world hear their music, or let them hear it without showing others how to achieve that level so on their passing their value is not perpetuated.  True value that will help us advance can only be fully achieved when we open the pattern for yet others.  Here we learn the full value of Kyusho.

All these steps are daunting to most as well as something that is not easily demonstrated or taught.  The individual through touch and understanding of touch (as well as empathy), will learn from life not a teacher.  However a teacher that can help you find the way, work the way and stay on the way is invaluable.  Most will not be able to make a full cycle from inability to commit to it fully, many will resist thinking it is not necessary and they are partially right.  If all they want to do is knock a few people down so somehow illustrate their skill or knowledge for the sake of ego, then yes they can attain this superficial understanding.  However just knowing a little can be a dangerous thing and the reason many people step away from Kyusho... they see only the one side, not a full cycle that will bring them worth and greater value in their life.

When you can help a person achieve great value for them self, not only will your skills have advanced, but you have helped another do the same and in turn help yet more.  The only true way to advance is to help others advance along the way.  With Kyusho it is the same.