For Your Protection

In the Malar region of the face (Cheek Area),there are three nerves that converge and over lay one another. This is a great target to influence the nerve system as well as overload it. We have seen it used in countless Boxing matches, UFC fights and have reports from many individuals as to it's stunning effectiveness.

The criteria a top ten of anything should have is accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency and great results. This target embraces them all and more so... as it involves 3 Cranial Nerves at the same time. It can be used to stun, shock or incapacitate an opponent quickly... and the more you know about the target structures, the more you will be able to correctly use it and follow up from it if the need be.

As example, understanding the three nerves you are using in a single targeting action, the tool and the trajectory of the strike will enable your skill and possibility greatly..

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