Many instructors...

in Kyusho really do not train Martial Arts in their seminars. They instead concentrate solely on the points and affects.

The issues that arise from this is that since there is a linited amount of points, the "Kyusho Training" devolves into tricks or simplified techniques that get the learner (as well as the instructor) away from more realistic application. These tricks are now employed to keep the interest if the student by claiming special information and "advanced information".

As an example some teach that attacking a point with a point (ie using TW-3 to attack ST-5 or other points), to supposedly create a bigger effect. This of course can work in a static seminar demonstration or technique, however in more realistic and forceful application the idea is not only a fallacy, it is actually dangerous to attempt.

Logic alone dictates that you do not strike an assailant with your vital or weaker points... This is a recipe for failure... And defeat.

Such is the case with most Kyusho seminars or ideas, especially the no touch KO that many work to impress the audience with. In fact there are videos on YouTube and other locations that show what a fallacy this is. One documented a kick boxer against such a chi master, where the no touch was not a effective in just a sparring match and a simple strike from the kick boxer to the chi masters face ended the match badly for the master that believed his dojo tricks and gimmicks were actually reality ready.

By comparison we are currently training the open public classes with a more dynamic and realistic training process which was our private instructor levels 1, 2 & 3 (but more refined), in the first tier curriculum. We reserved those in the beginning to allow the leveled process to slowly transition public perception from old TCM paradigm to a more real and functional model. The second tier we transitioned to a completely dynamic instructional model (from beginner to advanced stages), which simultaneously develops realistic Kyusho skills faster and more efficiently, as no wasteful or false paradigms are taught, nor static techniques or tricks. Working in this manner with aggressively moving opponents to train a real skill as opposed to the fallacy of theory based dojo tricks will change the face of Kyusho once again as we point the way.

When a Kyusho instructor starts teaching colors, elements, stances and other such fancy tricks, seriously ask yourself is this an efficient use of hard earned income and scarce free time?

Kyusho Internationals old curriculum always stressed moving target acquisition, the new tier structure makes it all more real and effective.

When you start with fighting to develop the Kyusho as opposed to starting with Kyusho to develop the fighting, your skills will be real immediately from experience, not theory (or fallacy).