Your Education

Kyusho is taught in stepped easy to learn levels with the most advanced learning program available, utilizing cutting edge technology fused with the power of Kyusho and in your own home. It is built on the internationally acclaimed Kyusho International ® Curriculum being adopted around the world by tens of thousands.Join for FREE and as our guest you will enjoy the first Martial Art level free so you can see the video lessons, use and manipulate the 5 dimensional pressure point charts (anatomically correct and the most accurate in the world), read the text description and determine if this is the best solution for your Kyusho Educational needs.

Subsequent Levels are generally $30.00 each (with others priced differently), but with each level you have the amount of information on a complete video, plus a book, plus cutting edge computer graphic charts previously available only in costly medical text books, to show you exactly what you are looking for. This innovation is a computer graphic image that allows you to see each point at Skin, Muscle, Skeletal, Vascular and Nerve levels. Expand, zoom in, move, enhance the graphic model in an infinite number of settings that you control... no book or video will ever have this capability!Each level comes complete with descriptive text, and an actual video clip of the point in use to show it's real possibilities!

But this is not the end... our commitment to you is that we will continually expand and refine all levels so that as innovation becomes available, this investment advances at no extra charge to you! We are on phase two of a continually updating model so as technology is available it will be added at no extra charge to you (as well as permanent access to all your purchased levels).

This is based on University Level home study courses, but goes far beyond that... we also offer free access to the Advanced Kyusho Forum to ask questions and really learn the information.

Current Programs:

  1. Kyusho in Martial Arts
  2. Kyusho Knockouts
  3. Kyusho Remedies for common ailments
  4. Kyusho Energy Development (Chi Gong, KI, Prana)
  5. Seminars
  6. Other Instructors of Kyusho (converted DVD's)